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The photographs on this web site are the sole property of Kevin Smith and may not be reproduced or copied without permission.

I accept these credit cards for phone orders only. For questions please call or e-mail at 541-350-3895

The Nature Photographs
of Kevin Smith
541-350-3895 - PO Box 817, Crooked River Ranch, OR 97760-08017

Although I have been photographing nature since I was a child, I have recently concentrated my focus on birds. Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to use many different camera formats but am now using Nikon digital (D300) cameras exclusively. This eliminates the time and mess of a conventional wet darkroom and actually gives me much more control over my final results.
My past assignments include three years as a staff photographer for Lyndon B. Johnson, freelancing for UPI and some short stints with the National Park Service. I am now retired and combining my love for photography, nature and birding in particular in building this extensive portfolio of quality wildlife photographs. My photos are being carried by VIREO, Cornell University Ornithology Labs, and have been published in various birding magazines in the US, Mexico and Europe. My photographs are available in bird supply stores, bookstores, restaurants and on-line here at
Most of my photographs are of western birds and wildlife, but as I expand my travels this is changing. Please note that my website is always under construction. You should find new material with each visit (See New Sightings in the left column). Enjoy and please let me know what you think of my site at the address above.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or to arrange hunts for special birds or mammals to photograph.

Photographs are available from the following Orders/Families:
(Of course any prints you may order will not have the copyright logo included)

Loons Grebes
Albatrosses, Petrels & Shearwaters Tyrant Flycatchers
Pelecaniformes Cotingas
Wading Birds Shrikes & Vireos
Swans & Geese, and Ducks Jays, Crows & Allies
Diurnal Raptors Larks
Upland Game Birds Swallows
Gruiformes (Coots, Cranes, Moorhens, Rails) Chickadees & Allies
Shorebirds Nuthatches and Creepers
Gulls, Terns and Skimmers Wrens
Alcids Old World Warblers, Thrushes & Allies
Pigeons & Doves Mimids
Parrots & Allies Starlings
Cuckoos and Allies Pipits
Owls Silky Flycatchers
Swifts Waxwings
Hummingbirds Wood-Warblers
Trogons Tanagers, Cardinals & Allies
Motmots Emberizine Sparrows & Allies
Kingfishers Icterids
Toucans Finches & Old World Sparrows
Woodpeckers Butterflies
Mammals and Others Reptiles

Copyright Kevin Smith, All rights reserved



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