I started photographing wildlife at the age of twelve. My first photo was of a House Sparrow. It was dead but that didn't stop me. I propped it up in the grass and made it 'look' alive. From there I graduated to better and better camera systems finally settling on Nikon, working my way up from Nikorex to D1x, D2x, D300 to D3s. I learned the basics of composition under the tutelage of Yoishi Okamoto as a staff photographer at the White House during the Vietnam era photographing LBJ and family for three years while in the Army (see photos below). I am now retired and living in Central Oregon as an active 'birder' with East Cascades Audubon and my own birder's group at Crooked River Ranch.

Some photos herein are presented as small icons. If you wish to see a larger view just ask. All images are available as 240 dpi files in whatever format you need.

For more information please contact me at   info@kevinsmithnaturephotos.com   or at kevinsmithnaturephotos@gmail.com